Are you an Competitive Athlete?

You've spent years, even decades building your mind, body and career. Let us helping quickly, easily and safely help you build your income streams.

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We started with a vision, just like you.

" I owned a pharmacy for 7yrs. I've always had a passion for getting people off prescriptions with healthy diets and natural. I loved celebrating their achievements in health and their personal goals. The more they enjoyed the experience, the more they came back to our pharmacy.


With our knowledge in pharmaceuticals, and some loyal supports of the vision we were able to raise the capital to build this brand, and such,

MAN TF UP was born.

Not in a chauvinist, ego-manacle way, but more in the sense of Standing-Up For Yourself and Going After What You Really Want In Life.


— Leonard Novelli, CEO of Dynamism Labs LLC.

What is Dynamism Labs & ManTF Up?

No Contracts. Just Cash.


  • Apply at the link
  • Our will team review it.
  • If you are selected you will receive an email within 7 business days with our decision.
  • We will issue you your discount code and marketing materials.


  • If you are selected we will contact you to register your payment option, (Check, PayPal, other...)
  • Commission is set at $10 per bottle, payable 2x per month.

Top 4 Reasons To Partner with us.

- No Hassle -


If someone enters your promo code, they get 10% off their order, you get $10 commission, guaranteed*.

- Gauranteed Payment-


2 Deposits are made to your account every month with your earned commission minus any product returns.

- FREE Marketing -


We will be promoting you, your gym and your brand in order to help increase awareness of you and our connection to the sport.

- Here for the Long Haul -


Your success is our success. It is a mutual benefit to help support your future endeavors as our your career grow.

What are our current athletes saying?


"With, literally, unlimited types of challenges, it is imperative that I stay focused through training and through the competition. AI-Brain Boost give me the focus I need to pace myself of the long runs for maximum performance on the obstacles.


A quick mention on my social feeds and that's it, people buy.

I really don't have to do anything else.


Gregory Alton, Denver CO

Obstacle Course Runner


"Parkour has been the center focus of my life for the last decade. I train friends part time but as a vegan, most people ask me about my diet. Letting them know that simple veggies and a metabolism boost from LEAN will get them where they need to be is too easy.


Now I get paid each month as they refill.


— Voight "BobbyFIT" Jean-Baptiste, Miami FL

Street Runner & Parkour Stunts

Our MOST REQUESTED PRODUCTS from health & fitness professionals.

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